Cultural art is all around us.

Every country is a treasure of art, philosophy, architecture, classic dances, flora, fauna and much more. There is a perfect blend of religions, customs, languages and traditions which is reflected in the thriving heritage of a nation. The historical sites of any country make it a must to visit the place for avid travelers. The culture, music, art, dances, festivals, customs, languages and cuisines is the best way to understand the incredible heritage of any country. There are plenty of cultural art festivals that take place. 

India ink painting

Culture can give people a connection to social values, beliefs, religions and customs. It allows people to identify with others of similar mindsets and backgrounds. Cultural heritage can provide a sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows us to better understand previous generations and history of where we come from. New York City for e.g has people from all over the country and the world. There are large communities based around certain cultural heritages.

It is necessary to protect the cultural heritage and monuments from natural disasters for future generations. Cultural assets comprise important records of human history that leave signs of the past in the present and future. Hence 3D modelling of historical monuments is a great tool to preserve these monuments. The digital modelling of heritage sites helps archaeologists to study the various aspects. This 3D measuring device uses an infrared laser i.e. laser rangefinder. It creates a 3D digital archive with the aim of conserving excavated remains.

Laser range finders are extensively used for building small scale as well as large scale models from reality. They are non contact type and are used to measure the distance of 3D points from their center. In recent years people have been heat mapping the age of buildings around them, similar to the technology in night vision gear, heat mapping allows you to display the age of buildings in an easy to see manner.

Street art 2

Travelling helps experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes historic, cultural and natural resources. A significant proportion of cultural spectrum is occupied by heritage tourism. It is also a powerful economic development tool. It creates jobs, provides new business opportunities and strengthens local economies.

The idea of cultural heritage tourism is that one should save the heritage and the culture of the country, share it with visitors and reap the economic benefits of tourism. When carried out in a right and positive way it helps protect the nation’s natural and cultural treasures and improve the quality of life of the residents and the visitors.

The benefits of cultural heritage tourism and art are many.

  • Opportunities increase for diversified economies, ways to prosper economically while holding on to the characteristics that make communities special.
  • Heritage attractions increase local value added through expanding visitor expenditures.
  • It promotes conservation of natural, built and traditional heritage.
  • Helps image destinations and intellectual property.
  • Builds society’s cultural confidence and image of self worth.
  • It creates new markets for local and regional arts and crafts and builds community pride.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

During the search for the best outdoor quadcopter drone with a camera, almost every user will eventually come across the DJI Phantom line. This is when you get into the very awesome dimension of durable construction, longer flight times, and a camera that is not jumpy and low-grade. Here are some basic features of this device:

  • 23-minute flight time
  • Video stats are UHD 4k/30 fps
  • 5 km transmission distance
  • DJI Lightbridge Video Downlink
  • DJI Pilot App allows for live viewing, (phone/tablet sold separately)
  • Comes with a 16 GB Micro SD card

When you begin to try your piloting skills with a device like this, you are graduating into the much bigger leagues of modern drone offerings. What many reviewers are saying is the 4k camera really ups the ante on the experience of flying a drone after you have used entry-level models. Flying over farmland, capturing some images for real estate, and just exploring any area of the city or country is going to offer you a very souped-up experience once you have mastered the basics with a more inexpensive model. This really is one of the absolute best outdoor drones around.

If you are learning to fly this indoors, be careful! you can be prone to crashing just because of the difference in the way it handles compared to others. This is the first very high-tech purchase that many enthusiasts make, and they are thrilled. Once you open this up and take it to a grassy park, an area with a river or stream, or another place with diverse scenery, you will be impressed. The main drawback with this model is the customer service, as many have claimed that they have waited as long as three months if they are unlucky enough to crash it. Just a sign of a very outsourced-and overworked world, this can be unfortunately the case with many devices that are in every other way amazing.

UDI U818A HD+ RC Outdoor Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera:

This is the upper end of what may users consider a “toy” quad, and for some, it comes down to what shape they like for personal preference. Still, in the lower price range, this is a best outdoor quadcopter drone with a camera in that you are getting about the same flight time, features, and are just getting used to flying with a machine that is still durable. Here are some of the basic features:

  • Has an forward-facing HD camera
  • Batteries are charged by USB
  • Bonus accessories are 2 lipo batteries that double flight and a 2200mAh power bank for charging on the go
  • One-touch home function that brings the drone back immediately
  • 6 Axis Gyro Stability for wind resistance and stunts
  • Roll button for instant 360-degree flip
  • Transmitter gives you a low-battery alarm
  • Flight duration of around 8 minutes

At the current time, this drone is light enough so you don’t have to register it. This may change, but it is one definite advantage, since the case for drone weight will also be very light. On a calm day, the hover capability of this model is said to be excellent, and the pitch and roll capabilities make for it being able to do some far-out acrobatics. Many choose to just start the video rolling right at takeoff, so you don’t have to fiddle with it while flying; if you are in an area with no trees at all, this won’t matter as much.

One of the biggest drawbacks that users have reported about this is the weight; winds can really carry it quickly. As far as the camera on this model, you are going to want to be flying during a very sunny day for the images to come back with any level of true quality. This is what it really boils down to with the drones in the lower end of the spectrum: they fly great, teach you the ropes, but you cannot really expect too much from the camera. Some users have also reported a bit of difficulty with the return-to-home feature, but for just flying around and getting used to the feel of a drone, this is the front-running favorite of many.

Remodeling Your Art Studio

Remodeling your studio is probably the most satisfying task, especially if it means new found inspiration for your artwork. Your studio is the place where you spend most of your time as an artist so it must be a place where inspiration can flow freely. When I remodeled my studio, I decided on hardwood floors as it looks amazing with lots of different styles, designs and colors.

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor finishes create long lasting beauty and require minimal care with today’s advanced technology in wood floor finish products. Choosing the right wood floor finish gives your wood flooring, whether it is exotic hardwood floors or regular wood floors, the protection from dirt, wear, and moisture while still giving wood flooring an attractive sheen and color. Most wood floors today are finished with a top coat and stain. Modern technology has provided us a wide selection of hardwood floor finishes, each with distinct appearance and benefits.

Floor Finishes

People installing hardwood floors that were pre-finished no longer need to apply wood flooring finishes because the manufacturer has already applied finishes at the factory, typically four coats of urethane resin that has been ultraviolet cured. Manufacturers say that these hardwood floor finishes are more durable and consistent because of the strict standards in application. Factory-finished floorings can be installed right after it was taken out of the box, thereby making the installation task a lot easier especially if you are only replacing the floors in your house. Manufacturers offer different stain colors for wood finishes such as oak. Sever finish options in pre-finished products are also available, including oil- and water-based urethane and wax but the principal choices are penetrating or surface finishes.


Surface Finishes

Surface finishes shield wood floors through a protective layer that is similar to the clear plastic common on the top of the wood. Mainly polyurethane, surface wood finishes are used on all pre-finished wood floors and are the most popular choice today.

Penetrating Finishes

Penetrating finishes are applied and absorbed by the wood fibers. These oils often applied on the surface with wax have a satin or matte appearance. Try running your hands across the surface and the wood grain you would feel is most likely the penetrating wood finish. With their distinct and unique physical properties, cherry and maple do not really absorb stains as evenly and uniformly as other hardwood species in the U.S. If you want a penetrating wood finish for your cherry or maple floor, use the natural and non-coloring type.

Oil-based Urethane

Oil-based urethane is the most common type of hardwood floor finish. It becomes amber with age and usually comes in satin, gloss, and semi-gloss sheen. This may require two to three coatings with each coat taking about 8 hours or even more to dry. You may need paint thinner to clean it up. This type of wood floor finish emits fumes and distinct smell as it dries up so doors and windows should always be left open during the drying process for better ventilation. If you live in an area with cold climate, it is best to go for a water-based finish.

The other types of wood floor finishes are the water-based urethane and the moisture-cured urethane. Since both dry up faster than the other types of wood floor finishes, these two are often used in businesses and other commercial purposes. Wood flooring is such a good flooring option for your home because of its durability and classic and aesthetic appeal. However, if you want that appeal and beauty to last a long time, then you should go for hardwood floor finishes.

Hardwood floors works great for any room in your home, especially your art studio as it gives it that unique and funky look, depending on the design or color you choose. It is worth the cost and is durable in every way. I for one, would not have chosen any other flooring for my art studio.

Further Your Education With Ringling School Of Art

If you have a passion for art and will do anything to improve your art skills, enrolling in art school is the perfect thing to do. It is especially important if you want to further your career in art. There are endless techniques you can learn in art school and you can use it in you own work to create a masterpiece. It all starts with art school.

Ringling School Of Art And Design


On August 2009, Ringling was recognized as one of America’s best art and design schools by the US News & World Report. With campuses strategically located in three ideal locations of Colorado, Chicago and Florida providing top notch art instruction, it is no wonder that this honor was bestowed on Ringling. In fact, this was the first time that an art college was being profiled as among the best collages in the country. That Ringling offers the best art education programs in America is therefore not in question.

Practical Learning

Ringling, unlike other any other art instruction school, prides itself in providing hands on practical training than theoretical instructions. Students will not be found attending lectures in lecture halls rather they will take classes in painting studios where they will be found mostly painting than sit listening to lectures.

Art Project Balance Bike

My first art project. A Custom built version of one of the best balance bikes from my childhood.

Do not be surprised to find students spending more time drawing on sketch book rather than buried in text books reading piles of notes. You will find them engaged in creating high quality computer animated films than wracking their brains on volumes of research papers. This is what makes Ringling stand out from other art schools. If you love art and are looking to expand your artistic horizons, look no further.

Who Can Attend

Ringling is not your average liberal art school. It excels in quirkiness and superior infrastructure. With campuses located in down town Sarasota adjacent to beautiful white-sand beaches, the students of Ringling are not only attracted by nature but also the many art galleries, theaters, ballet, opera and symphony present in Sarasota. This campus hosts about 70% of Ringling’s undergraduate students. It is here that students, from graphic designers to illustrators, attend their tuition to get practical art instruction thrive.

Art Graduates

Over the years Ringling has produced high quality art graduates who have continued to get good jobs in the visual arts industry and make a name for themselves. Ringling thus continues to defy the notion of starving artist by producing students who are in high demand in the job market. It is estimated that about 1.25 million people in America work in the visual arts industry and Ringling is among the best art schools that helps meet this demand. With the industry set to grow by a margin of more than 10%, the demand for art graduates is also set to rise.

Ringling is ready and well adapted to put its students in the forefront of getting these jobs. Its well connected Center for Career Services has recruitment ties with established companies like Hallmark, Reebok and Pixar to enable this. Actually, over 40 Ringling graduates have been hired by Pixar and Hallmark since the 1990’s. As such the computer animation department prides itself for its students’ contribution in celebrated movies like Shrek, Toy Story and The Incredibles. So, go ahead and join Ringling school of art and design for the best art education and job connections.

The Life of an Artist

Nature PaintingOf an artist it is said that one eye sees, the other feels. However, there are a number of misconceptions about the life of an artist. We do not all live in dingy rooms and neither are we all Goths. Our rooms are not messed up and untidy and we do not always stay aloof and cut off from the world. You would be indeed surprised to know different artists operate. Some of us lead a very healthy life to ensure that the mind keeps reaching higher levels of creativity. On the other hand some of us choose to live in a small wooden hut in the mountains – to absorb the sounds and sights of nature. Some of us are just plain weird – from staring at a wall to mountain biking, we all have different ways to look for the perfect work of art.

The world today is one where the competition is fierce and it is no different for artists as well. We may not run after money but we do expect the right value for our work. We all have our own ways to engage with the culture and society around us. While some of us may not be big fans of various social norms, we do make an effort to merge with the society. An artist’s lifestyle may be an attitude to life or a perspective on your life in a suburban housing estate.

Traditionally, artists’ lifestyles were determined by their class relationships. While an artist like Sir Joshua Reynolds received patronage and lived comfortably, Toulouse-Lautrec lived among the demi-monde, painting prostitutes and bar scenes.

I believe that a painter or a writer is never on a holiday. We are all always looking around us and walking around observing trying to grasp the little details of life around us. A friend of mine who is a famous painter often likes to spend hours together fishing every weekend. I, on the other hand like to go biking in obscure areas by simply mounting a bike rack for SUVs and setting off on the road.

SUV Bike Rack

The lifestyle choices we make revolve around the freedom of thought and we choose the most comfortable of places to let our thoughts flow freely. This place could either be a huge villa or a small cottage in the middle of a forest. For all the artists in the world, it is all about the journey through life and not the fruits that we reap. Our work mirrors our personality and captures the emotion that sometimes comes real in the lives of almost everyone.

The better we try to capture the emotion, the more we win accolades for our work and to do this constantly is the aim of our lives. If we find our muse, there is nothing stopping us from composing a piece of music or bringing life into a canvas but if we don’t, then we just try to unravel and get into that trance where we can find our inspiration.

The Northern Lights Nourished My Soul!

Ah, the Northern Lights… who could resist such a beautiful display of color and light. I took a little break with my husband last month to check off one of my “bucket list” items – seeing the Northern Lights. We went to Norway and times our visit with the Northern Light Festival over there. It was wonderful and inspired the artist in my to no end! These natural phenomenons have inspired many a poet, writer and festival coordinator. There are three Northern Lights Festivals that stand out when planning a vacation.

Northern Lights Festival of Music, Tromso – Norway

The first festival requires you to embark on a cruise ship to Norway. This Northern Lights festival honors both the fabulous light shows and the music of the Norwegian coastal region. Arctic cultural capital Tromso celebrates the much awaited first dawn of the year with the annual, Northern Lights Festival of music.

Set sail on a northbound Norwegian Coastal Voyage from Bergen, arriving just in time to enjoy musical performances celebrating the Northern Lights Festival in places such as the Arctic Cathedral and Tromso Concert Hall. As you sail up the coast of Norway, you will stop all along the way at villages and towns. All of these picturesque settings are devoting their day to the Northern Lights Festival of music.

Northern Lights Music Festival in Aurora Minnesota

The second festival is the Northern Lights Music Festival in Aurora Minnesota; an intensive 19 day classical music performance program that takes participants before large and enthusiastic audiences in four northern Minnesota cities during the summer. Young participants are encouraged to stretch their musical ability and grow.

An internationally renowned faculty teaches and coaches these young musicians, culminating in master class and live performances for the Northern Lights Music Festival audiences. Several opportunities to enjoy the musical performances are available with evening and matinee concerts on a daily basis, with extra performances in regional libraries for children.

Northern Lights Festival – Ramsey Lake in Downtown Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

The third noteworthy Northern Lights Festival is also a music festival. What could be more relaxing than a weekend in the park, listening to music, enjoying good food and drink with family and friends? Children laugh and the stars shine overhead. Good times abound.

All this in the beautiful setting of the shores of Ramsey Lake in Downtown Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The organizers of this even goes to great lenths to bring to fill the entire lake area with wondeful music for the duration of the festival. High quality outdoor speakers ( see )  are scattered along the shore and it creates a truly immersive effect. Beautiful misuc saturates the area while you enjoy a spectacular display of the Aurara Borealis. Since 1972 Northern Lights Festival Boreal has coordinated three days of music, art, workshops and fun to represent the wide array of cultures in this Canadian community. All musical tastes should be able to find a musical performance to soothe the weary soul. Popular music artists as well selection of Roots, Traditional, Modern Indie, World, Americana and more are presented at the Northern Lights Musical Festival.

As an artist and lover of all things beautiful I cannot recommend this more. Do yourself a favor, plan this into your next breakaway. You will thank yourself for it. Take a look at the video below for some images of the spectacular light show around Tromso.

Vintage Guitars Become Modern Art

A quality made vintage  guitar can be considered to be a one the ultimate forms of collectible art. While a painting or sculpture can be put on display, vintage guitars can be visually enjoyed but can also be touched, handled and played for the musical pleasure of all.

Every vintage guitar has a personality uniquely its own. Due to how often it was handled and played, the environment where it was stored and the natural aging of the wood determines how each instrument will sound. Plus the fact that a more experienced or gifted guitarist can produce a somewhat different tones and harmonics makes a good guitar seem to come alive with a soul of its own.

Van Halen Guitar

Image Source:


High quality vintage Van Halen guitars for example are often sought out by collectors, fans and guitarists in the US, Europe and Asia to such a degree that the vintage guitar market has quickly become worldwide. In this fast paced age of overnight shipping or rapid overseas air freight and instant money transfers the prices for instruments like Wolfgang vintage guitars are set by buyers in every corner of the globe.

The golden time for vintage guitars, especially electrics were set in the beginnings of the rock and roll 50s and 60s. Vintage electric guitars from Fender, Gibson and Gretsch are considered superior collectors’ items and are frequently sought after.

In the during the 70s and 80s the guitar industry produced instruments of inferior workmanship and sound quality and many thought that the guitar would fade into a ocean of shoddy knockoffs. But during the 90s and the beginning of the new century, many guitar makers returned to their roots.

Master guitar builders such as the one at Martin, Gibson, Peavey and Fender are producing guitars that are clearly superior to what they were creating 20-30 years ago. In fact with the creation of such instruments like the Peavey Wolfgang vintage guitar, some people have said that we are in the middle of another golden era of instrument manufacturing here in the US.

Gibson SG

In fact with so many high grade hand made instruments, vintage Van Halen guitar buyers have never had so many options available to them before.

But there are several things you need to take into consideration when attempting to amass a EVH vintage guitar collection.

The first thing to consider when purchasing any Wolfgang vintage guitars is the condition of the instrument. You can judge a vintage Van Halen guitar by the state of the body, neck and fretboard. The more worn the condition, the less value it has.

Another item to check for when looking at a vintage guitar is the originality of the piece. The more replaced or repaired parts it has the less value it will have over the long run, no matter how good the repair job is.

The demand for a certain collectible in the end, determines a great deal of its value. Demand for a particular type of vintage guitar is kind of like the “Ugly Duckling” fairy tale. In the story the ugly duckling was ignored by the other ducks until it matured and turned into a beautiful and graceful swan.

So as a collector you must keep your eyes open looking for the valuable but overlooked swans among the Wolfgang vintage guitars and any other vintage Van Halen guitars you may run across.

Review Your Studio Ergonomics!

I’ve recently found out that I have actually done some damage to my back from sitting on a poorly designed chair in my studio for many years. Some of the discs in my spine seem to have shifted and compacted and I went to see a doctor about this. After a couple of conversations somebody suggested I actually try some inversion therapy. She apparently had similar issues a while ago and fixed most of her symptoms simply by spending some time – in a disciplined manner- on an inversion table. I set out to get myself one and started by reading a lot of inversion table reviews online. I tried out a couple at shows and gyms before making my final decisions and then settled on the Ironman 5800. Here are some of my thoughts on what’s available out there and what I learned..

The Ironman inversion table is one of the best inversion tables on the market today. Aside from the Teeter inversion table, this is just one of the most popular and best-selling devices for the relief of back fatigue and pain, as it allows the individual or patient to execute a wide range of inversion table exercises, as well as ab training which decreases back pain. This type of gravity guidance inversion table is sturdy and well-crafted, as well as easy to use and relatively lightweight. Health professionals such as doctors and physical therapists have been using devices like the Ironman inversion table for quite some time, as these can give the patient benefits that cannot always be obtained by medication or risky surgical procedures.

Fig3_disk_WInversion tables work by countering the effects of gravity on a person’s spine, as he or she may suffer from chronic back pain, stress, or fatigue due to repeated or heavy impacts caused by sports or injuries, or spinal compression as a result of an overly sedentary or inactive lifestyle. The therapeutic benefits you can obtain from a device such as an inversion table are manifold, and may be best explained by touching on how it actually works first.

Inversion tables operate on the concept of inversion therapy, which treats back pain or stress by decreasing the effects of gravity on the human spine by reducing spinal compression and permitting the relaxation or “loosening” of the ligaments and muscles around the spine itself. This happens while the patient lies down or “hangs” in an inverted yet relaxed manner. The very position provides relief from back pain by eliminating some or all spinal compression due to gravity, the degrees of which are dependent on the angle of the table (and the angle of the patient as well). To break the process down step by step, inversion therapy eases pressure on the spinal column and its components, while stretching and reviving muscle groups in the area and facilitating better blood circulation. The significant reduction of tension and stress then reduces or eliminates back pain.

The use of an inversion table like the Ironman inversion table or the ATIS 3000 may seem to be a bit daunting for many, due in no small part to the seemingly precarious and awkward position one has to be in during the inversion treatment. However, the safety of these devices has been enhanced and proven through the years, just ensure you purchase of the best inversion tables to be able to get the utmost benefits of the therapy. After that, some familiarity with the machine, a little confidence, and some practice will enable you to use it comfortably and easily.

A singular tip to keep in mind while using machines such as the Ironman inversion table is this: use common sense. While the machine is safe with features such as improved ankle support, it is by no means, a plaything. Make sure that you have the approval of your doctor prior to using the inversion table, as certain ailments or injuries may potentially be aggravated by inversion therapy. Spotters are recommended during your first few tries, and so is the practice of slow downward and upward reps.

Prevention si beetter than cure, so if whether you’re standing or sitting in your studio – remember that you’re likely to spend many hours in that position practicing your art, so ensure you set yourself up in an ergonomically sound posture.

Get Help With Student Loans For Your Art Education

Deciding on furthering your education when it comes to art? A college education will be expensive so you might want to take a look at low interest rate student loans to cover the expenses of college tuition and other needs. Why a low interest rate loan? Interest rates can make the difference between being able to pay back your student loan in a timely manner versus struggling to repay it for many years to come. Finding low interest rate loans is even more important with today’s economy.


Student loans for college are available from many more sources than there once were because of the Internet and numerous private lenders that are willing to offer loans to new students. With so many sources available it is possible to do comparison shopping to find personal student loans or even a bad credit private student loan at lower interest rates.

You can go on the Internet and fill out an application for Federal Student Aid which is a free service. There are physical applications that you can use instead of one from the Internet if you prefer. The financial office of the school you attend can usually help you with this process. When you use the Internet application, the waiting period for an answer to your application is usually just one week where a paper application can take more than a month. The online application will be sent to your college and will assist them in determining your financial aid package.


Online Loans

To acquire low interest rate loans from banks or from personal lines of credit that originate from your own financial institution, it will be necessary for your parents to be cosigners on the loan. One way to find low interest student loans is by using social lending like peer to peer lending sites online. Although there are legitimate social lending sites online, there are also Internet scams as well. A scam will want a fee for information about either a scholarship or student loans, so be extra careful when going online.

Scholarships And Grants

Another option is to look into grants that do not need to be repaid after the schooling is finished. There are numerous scholarships available from foundations, organizations and different groups that are available and are legitimate. Another way to save money is through debt consolidation because when you combine your outstanding debts you can usually not only find lower interest rates but you can also get lower monthly payments.

Once you have graduated it is usually a really good idea to go ahead and consolidate your debts from your student loans that most likely all have different interest rates. If your student loans are from the federal government then you can easily go back to the bank that funds your loan and fill out an application through them for a consolidation to be able to take advantage of the low interest rate student loans that are available today. You can also go to the United States Department of Education online who offer a website with a ton of information about consolidating your student loans. However you decide to go about acquiring your low interest loan it will be well worth the effort.

Using Safety Gloves While You Work

Safety is the number one thing when you are working with “heavy duty” artwork and tools. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to working with your tools as injury can prevent you from doing you art in the end. Without my safety gloves, I am lost, especially when I am creating a sculpture. The work I do on sculptures include drilling, using a soldering iron, welding etc. and I cannot afford not to wear gloves. There are different types of safety gloves on the market, all you have to do is read up on the manufacturer and check their credibility.

Stauffer Gloves

smck900lejkvf_117The popular business that is now known as Stauffer Glove and Safety was first started during the year of 1907 in Palm, Pennsylvania. But then, when Henry and Al Stauffer started the organization it was called Acorn Glove Company. Back then, the company was mainly about producing and supplying the basic leather and cotton gloves, where they were distributed to chain stores and other wholesale markets. In 1995, they decided that the business would move to Red Hill, (still in Pennsylvania), and once they moved, the company name was changed to Stauffer Manufacturing Company. Only many years later they would go on to change the name to Stauffer Glove and Safety, as they are still known as today.


Rising Sales

Once they had completed their move to Red Hill, Stauffer Glove and Safety decided to concentrate more on making the cotton gloves. Some of the loves they started manufacturing then included jersey gloves, single palms, hot mills, double palms and more. In 1960 they began to make use of a new approach to increase their sales; they chose to accommodate more than one market strategy, where they would aim their approach directly at providing their products to industrial facilities. That was where they made their wisest decision, as selling to the industry gave them their biggest amount of sales, and thus, resulted in their need to manufacture an entire line of good safety equipment and products.

Climbing In Success

Stauffer safety lived up to their name because as the years passed, there were new domestic cleaning gloves from all other producers added to their line, along with some other safety equipment. They had to eventually make use of direct importing as well, from countries like China, Japan, Pakistan and Hong Kong as well as many other far-off countries located around the world. By the time it got to the 1980’s, producing only took up about five percent of the company’s business and during this time all of the many manufacturing places were moved from the area of Red Hill and setup elsewhere. Before they even knew it, their company had gone from glove manufacturing to a full time producer and distributor of personal protection equipment.

Great Service And Products

Even today, the company is still going strong and continuously growing, and of course expending their services as well as their now famous products. Although, that’s the only thing that has changed over the years; their perfect service and excellent products as well as the way they structure their market place is the same as it was before. They are also known to deliver to just about anywhere, where shipping is used for those far away and their own trucks and drivers deliver to the customers who are nearer. Now that the company has transformed into something so magnificent, they have different sales and management teams to assist in different locations.

Stauffer Glove and Safety comes a long way, and they deserve all the praise they get; they offer some of the best gloves for different situations and specific needs, by doing business with them you are sure to find that they are the best.

Using Heat Resistant Gloves

There are many times when heat resistant gloves can prove useful. For instance, you are trying to fix the garden wagon and the only way you can solve this problem is to use a welder. The other thing is that you have a welder, but you have no idea to weld properly. Fusing two metals together using a welding rod has proved to be an art rather than a skill. Because you are working with extreme heat, the first thing that your should look into is getting a pair of heat resistant gloves.

Different Types Of Gloves

The heat resistant glove is not your ordinary pair of fancy rubber gloves that you can use to get the job done. There are all sorts of protection for a welder and these are the long sleeve fire gloves and the fire blankets. The accessories depend on the job that you are doing and where this job is located. For the welder, he can choose from the huge variety of welding gloves and helmets. This all depends on the job and also the welder’s personal preference.

Liquid Resistant As Well

The greatest thing about the fire glove is that it resists oil and heat. If fire cannot get through the glove, there is no way hot liquids will be able to get through. With this mentioned it means that no liquids can soak into the glove and harm your skin. Therefore, heat resistant gloves are waterproof.

Welding Blankets

heat-resistant-glove-handling-32328-3302017The other thing that you have to look into when welding on your premises or at another location is welding blankets. There are many things that can become damaged when working with a welder and some of those things could have been in the family for many years. The cinders that welding rods spit off are pieces of burning hot rod. It can very easily burn through any plastics, damage any woodwork and can even become attached to other metals, because it is so hot. When it cools down on another metal, the only way you will be able to get it off there is to either file it off or grind it using an angle grinder. This is why welding blankets are important.

Necessary Precautions

Automotive and railway service use all sorts of welding blankets to make sure that injuries and fire damage is prevented. The same applies to the fire gloves. These hot cinders spark off all the time and if you are not wearing gloves to protect yourself, you will find yourself at the nearest ICU shortly after the job has begun. Take the necessary precautions and wear the protective gear that is recommended by manufacturers. These items are not available out there so that manufacturers can make money off you.

It is always important to make sure that you wear a pair of heat resistant glove and the correct body protection when working with a welder and other jobs that expose you to extreme temperatures for your art work. Rather be safe than sorry and enjoy doing your art and be safe while doing it.