Cultural art is all around us.

Every country is a treasure of art, philosophy, architecture, classic dances, flora, fauna and much more. There is a perfect blend of religions, customs, languages and traditions which is reflected in the thriving heritage of a nation. The historical sites of any country make it a must to visit the place for avid travelers. The culture, music, art, dances, festivals, customs, languages and cuisines is the best way to understand the incredible heritage of any country. There are plenty of cultural art festivals that take place. 

India ink painting

Culture can give people a connection to social values, beliefs, religions and customs. It allows people to identify with others of similar mindsets and backgrounds. Cultural heritage can provide a sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows us to better understand previous generations and history of where we come from. New York City for e.g has people from all over the country and the world. There are large communities based around certain cultural heritages.

It is necessary to protect the cultural heritage and monuments from natural disasters for future generations. Cultural assets comprise important records of human history that leave signs of the past in the present and future. Hence 3D modelling of historical monuments is a great tool to preserve these monuments. The digital modelling of heritage sites helps archaeologists to study the various aspects. This 3D measuring device uses an infrared laser i.e. laser rangefinder. It creates a 3D digital archive with the aim of conserving excavated remains.

Laser range finders are extensively used for building small scale as well as large scale models from reality. They are non contact type and are used to measure the distance of 3D points from their center. In recent years people have been heat mapping the age of buildings around them, similar to the technology in night vision gear, heat mapping allows you to display the age of buildings in an easy to see manner.

Street art 2

Travelling helps experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes historic, cultural and natural resources. A significant proportion of cultural spectrum is occupied by heritage tourism. It is also a powerful economic development tool. It creates jobs, provides new business opportunities and strengthens local economies.

The idea of cultural heritage tourism is that one should save the heritage and the culture of the country, share it with visitors and reap the economic benefits of tourism. When carried out in a right and positive way it helps protect the nation’s natural and cultural treasures and improve the quality of life of the residents and the visitors.

The benefits of cultural heritage tourism and art are many.

  • Opportunities increase for diversified economies, ways to prosper economically while holding on to the characteristics that make communities special.
  • Heritage attractions increase local value added through expanding visitor expenditures.
  • It promotes conservation of natural, built and traditional heritage.
  • Helps image destinations and intellectual property.
  • Builds society’s cultural confidence and image of self worth.
  • It creates new markets for local and regional arts and crafts and builds community pride.

The Northern Lights Nourished My Soul!

Ah, the Northern Lights… who could resist such a beautiful display of color and light. I took a little break with my husband last month to check off one of my “bucket list” items – seeing the Northern Lights. We went to Norway and times our visit with the Northern Light Festival over there. It was wonderful and inspired the artist in my to no end! These natural phenomenons have inspired many a poet, writer and festival coordinator. There are three Northern Lights Festivals that stand out when planning a vacation.

Northern Lights Festival of Music, Tromso – Norway

The first festival requires you to embark on a cruise ship to Norway. This Northern Lights festival honors both the fabulous light shows and the music of the Norwegian coastal region. Arctic cultural capital Tromso celebrates the much awaited first dawn of the year with the annual, Northern Lights Festival of music.

Set sail on a northbound Norwegian Coastal Voyage from Bergen, arriving just in time to enjoy musical performances celebrating the Northern Lights Festival in places such as the Arctic Cathedral and Tromso Concert Hall. As you sail up the coast of Norway, you will stop all along the way at villages and towns. All of these picturesque settings are devoting their day to the Northern Lights Festival of music.

Northern Lights Music Festival in Aurora Minnesota

The second festival is the Northern Lights Music Festival in Aurora Minnesota; an intensive 19 day classical music performance program that takes participants before large and enthusiastic audiences in four northern Minnesota cities during the summer. Young participants are encouraged to stretch their musical ability and grow.

An internationally renowned faculty teaches and coaches these young musicians, culminating in master class and live performances for the Northern Lights Music Festival audiences. Several opportunities to enjoy the musical performances are available with evening and matinee concerts on a daily basis, with extra performances in regional libraries for children.

Northern Lights Festival – Ramsey Lake in Downtown Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

The third noteworthy Northern Lights Festival is also a music festival. What could be more relaxing than a weekend in the park, listening to music, enjoying good food and drink with family and friends? Children laugh and the stars shine overhead. Good times abound.

All this in the beautiful setting of the shores of Ramsey Lake in Downtown Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The organizers of this even goes to great lenths to bring to fill the entire lake area with wondeful music for the duration of the festival. High quality outdoor speakers ( see )  are scattered along the shore and it creates a truly immersive effect. Beautiful misuc saturates the area while you enjoy a spectacular display of the Aurara Borealis. Since 1972 Northern Lights Festival Boreal has coordinated three days of music, art, workshops and fun to represent the wide array of cultures in this Canadian community. All musical tastes should be able to find a musical performance to soothe the weary soul. Popular music artists as well selection of Roots, Traditional, Modern Indie, World, Americana and more are presented at the Northern Lights Musical Festival.

As an artist and lover of all things beautiful I cannot recommend this more. Do yourself a favor, plan this into your next breakaway. You will thank yourself for it. Take a look at the video below for some images of the spectacular light show around Tromso.