Remodeling Your Art Studio

Remodeling your studio is probably the most satisfying task, especially if it means new found inspiration for your artwork. Your studio is the place where you spend most of your time as an artist so it must be a place where inspiration can flow freely. When I remodeled my studio, I decided on hardwood floors as it looks amazing with lots of different styles, designs and colors.

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor finishes create long lasting beauty and require minimal care with today’s advanced technology in wood floor finish products. Choosing the right wood floor finish gives your wood flooring, whether it is exotic hardwood floors or regular wood floors, the protection from dirt, wear, and moisture while still giving wood flooring an attractive sheen and color. Most wood floors today are finished with a top coat and stain. Modern technology has provided us a wide selection of hardwood floor finishes, each with distinct appearance and benefits.

Floor Finishes

People installing hardwood floors that were pre-finished no longer need to apply wood flooring finishes because the manufacturer has already applied finishes at the factory, typically four coats of urethane resin that has been ultraviolet cured. Manufacturers say that these hardwood floor finishes are more durable and consistent because of the strict standards in application. Factory-finished floorings can be installed right after it was taken out of the box, thereby making the installation task a lot easier especially if you are only replacing the floors in your house. Manufacturers offer different stain colors for wood finishes such as oak. Sever finish options in pre-finished products are also available, including oil- and water-based urethane and wax but the principal choices are penetrating or surface finishes.


Surface Finishes

Surface finishes shield wood floors through a protective layer that is similar to the clear plastic common on the top of the wood. Mainly polyurethane, surface wood finishes are used on all pre-finished wood floors and are the most popular choice today.

Penetrating Finishes

Penetrating finishes are applied and absorbed by the wood fibers. These oils often applied on the surface with wax have a satin or matte appearance. Try running your hands across the surface and the wood grain you would feel is most likely the penetrating wood finish. With their distinct and unique physical properties, cherry and maple do not really absorb stains as evenly and uniformly as other hardwood species in the U.S. If you want a penetrating wood finish for your cherry or maple floor, use the natural and non-coloring type.

Oil-based Urethane

Oil-based urethane is the most common type of hardwood floor finish. It becomes amber with age and usually comes in satin, gloss, and semi-gloss sheen. This may require two to three coatings with each coat taking about 8 hours or even more to dry. You may need paint thinner to clean it up. This type of wood floor finish emits fumes and distinct smell as it dries up so doors and windows should always be left open during the drying process for better ventilation. If you live in an area with cold climate, it is best to go for a water-based finish.

The other types of wood floor finishes are the water-based urethane and the moisture-cured urethane. Since both dry up faster than the other types of wood floor finishes, these two are often used in businesses and other commercial purposes. Wood flooring is such a good flooring option for your home because of its durability and classic and aesthetic appeal. However, if you want that appeal and beauty to last a long time, then you should go for hardwood floor finishes.

Hardwood floors works great for any room in your home, especially your art studio as it gives it that unique and funky look, depending on the design or color you choose. It is worth the cost and is durable in every way. I for one, would not have chosen any other flooring for my art studio.

Review Your Studio Ergonomics!

I’ve recently found out that I have actually done some damage to my back from sitting on a poorly designed chair in my studio for many years. Some of the discs in my spine seem to have shifted and compacted and I went to see a doctor about this. After a couple of conversations somebody suggested I actually try some inversion therapy. She apparently had similar issues a while ago and fixed most of her symptoms simply by spending some time – in a disciplined manner- on an inversion table. I set out to get myself one and started by reading a lot of inversion table reviews online. I tried out a couple at shows and gyms before making my final decisions and then settled on the Ironman 5800. Here are some of my thoughts on what’s available out there and what I learned..

The Ironman inversion table is one of the best inversion tables on the market today. Aside from the Teeter inversion table, this is just one of the most popular and best-selling devices for the relief of back fatigue and pain, as it allows the individual or patient to execute a wide range of inversion table exercises, as well as ab training which decreases back pain. This type of gravity guidance inversion table is sturdy and well-crafted, as well as easy to use and relatively lightweight. Health professionals such as doctors and physical therapists have been using devices like the Ironman inversion table for quite some time, as these can give the patient benefits that cannot always be obtained by medication or risky surgical procedures.

Fig3_disk_WInversion tables work by countering the effects of gravity on a person’s spine, as he or she may suffer from chronic back pain, stress, or fatigue due to repeated or heavy impacts caused by sports or injuries, or spinal compression as a result of an overly sedentary or inactive lifestyle. The therapeutic benefits you can obtain from a device such as an inversion table are manifold, and may be best explained by touching on how it actually works first.

Inversion tables operate on the concept of inversion therapy, which treats back pain or stress by decreasing the effects of gravity on the human spine by reducing spinal compression and permitting the relaxation or “loosening” of the ligaments and muscles around the spine itself. This happens while the patient lies down or “hangs” in an inverted yet relaxed manner. The very position provides relief from back pain by eliminating some or all spinal compression due to gravity, the degrees of which are dependent on the angle of the table (and the angle of the patient as well). To break the process down step by step, inversion therapy eases pressure on the spinal column and its components, while stretching and reviving muscle groups in the area and facilitating better blood circulation. The significant reduction of tension and stress then reduces or eliminates back pain.

The use of an inversion table like the Ironman inversion table or the ATIS 3000 may seem to be a bit daunting for many, due in no small part to the seemingly precarious and awkward position one has to be in during the inversion treatment. However, the safety of these devices has been enhanced and proven through the years, just ensure you purchase of the best inversion tables to be able to get the utmost benefits of the therapy. After that, some familiarity with the machine, a little confidence, and some practice will enable you to use it comfortably and easily.

A singular tip to keep in mind while using machines such as the Ironman inversion table is this: use common sense. While the machine is safe with features such as improved ankle support, it is by no means, a plaything. Make sure that you have the approval of your doctor prior to using the inversion table, as certain ailments or injuries may potentially be aggravated by inversion therapy. Spotters are recommended during your first few tries, and so is the practice of slow downward and upward reps.

Prevention si beetter than cure, so if whether you’re standing or sitting in your studio – remember that you’re likely to spend many hours in that position practicing your art, so ensure you set yourself up in an ergonomically sound posture.

Industrial Shelving For Your Studio

An artist’s studio can become quite messy if you do not keep a firm hand on it. There is nothing more frustrating than being busy with your artwork, needing a tool for the job, but you cannot find it anywhere in your studio. One this happens, know know it is time to start organizing and putting everything in place. I did this by installing industrial shelving in my studio. This way, I can put everything where it is suppose to go, especially my heavy duty tools I use for sculpting. You can use these shelves in basically any part of your house too if you feel the need to. It works absolutely great in my studio.

Different Uses Of Steel Industrial Shelves

You can use it in hardware stores, builders factories and stores, most tool hire and supply stores, your home, as well as places where the theme works. For example, you can get a clean, great looking atmosphere when you use these in a kitchen or supermarket. You can get all kinds of shelving like this and some come with additional storage basket drawers and much more.

Portable Shelving

shelving-resized-600These steel shelves are great because they are not only heavy duty, but they also provide a clean and neat look for just about anywhere. They are also portable and many are on wheels, which means that it is perfect for creating any space. You can use steel shelving systems to make an entire professional kitchen, or to kit out your office or studio and still be able to move things around whenever you please. The main thing about these shelve items is that they are adjustable so you can make them work for any space or area you might have.

Mix And Match

You can mix and match the solid shelves with the mesh ones depending on what you need to use each one for, and you can also get special brackets so that you can attach then to the wall if you don’t want freestanding ones. One of the other great places that you can make use of these shelves is for an art and craft shop or a video store, where you want to create an edgy urban feel. You can even use these for a clothing store that sells funky urban gear.

How Much Can They Hold?

They are made to withstand a large amount of weight and will be safe and clean. Many of these are made to hold about 600 Pounds of weight per shelf which is quite impressive. You can get ones with wheels as mentioned before, but most will be sold with stationary feet as well, so that you can choose how you want them to work.

The majority of manufacturers will make these industrial shelving units to supply warehouses and other industrial type places, but there is no harm in pricing them to use in your business. It may even work out cheaper than any other shelving options that you find for business furnishings. You can search online for great places where you can order from and get the shelving delivered right to your business premises, or you can also go out shelf hunting to various factory stores and manufacturers in your area that sell this industrial shelving. You can then see them for yourself and make a decision.