Industrial Shelving For Your Studio

An artist’s studio can become quite messy if you do not keep a firm hand on it. There is nothing more frustrating than being busy with your artwork, needing a tool for the job, but you cannot find it anywhere in your studio. One this happens, know know it is time to start organizing and putting everything in place. I did this by installing industrial shelving in my studio. This way, I can put everything where it is suppose to go, especially my heavy duty tools I use for sculpting. You can use these shelves in basically any part of your house too if you feel the need to. It works absolutely great in my studio.

Different Uses Of Steel Industrial Shelves

You can use it in hardware stores, builders factories and stores, most tool hire and supply stores, your home, as well as places where the theme works. For example, you can get a clean, great looking atmosphere when you use these in a kitchen or supermarket. You can get all kinds of shelving like this and some come with additional storage basket drawers and much more.

Portable Shelving

shelving-resized-600These steel shelves are great because they are not only heavy duty, but they also provide a clean and neat look for just about anywhere. They are also portable and many are on wheels, which means that it is perfect for creating any space. You can use steel shelving systems to make an entire professional kitchen, or to kit out your office or studio and still be able to move things around whenever you please. The main thing about these shelve items is that they are adjustable so you can make them work for any space or area you might have.

Mix And Match

You can mix and match the solid shelves with the mesh ones depending on what you need to use each one for, and you can also get special brackets so that you can attach then to the wall if you don’t want freestanding ones. One of the other great places that you can make use of these shelves is for an art and craft shop or a video store, where you want to create an edgy urban feel. You can even use these for a clothing store that sells funky urban gear.

How Much Can They Hold?

They are made to withstand a large amount of weight and will be safe and clean. Many of these are made to hold about 600 Pounds of weight per shelf which is quite impressive. You can get ones with wheels as mentioned before, but most will be sold with stationary feet as well, so that you can choose how you want them to work.

The majority of manufacturers will make these industrial shelving units to supply warehouses and other industrial type places, but there is no harm in pricing them to use in your business. It may even work out cheaper than any other shelving options that you find for business furnishings. You can search online for great places where you can order from and get the shelving delivered right to your business premises, or you can also go out shelf hunting to various factory stores and manufacturers in your area that sell this industrial shelving. You can then see them for yourself and make a decision.