Remodeling Your Art Studio

Remodeling your studio is probably the most satisfying task, especially if it means new found inspiration for your artwork. Your studio is the place where you spend most of your time as an artist so it must be a place where inspiration can flow freely. When I remodeled my studio, I decided on hardwood floors as it looks amazing with lots of different styles, designs and colors.

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor finishes create long lasting beauty and require minimal care with today’s advanced technology in wood floor finish products. Choosing the right wood floor finish gives your wood flooring, whether it is exotic hardwood floors or regular wood floors, the protection from dirt, wear, and moisture while still giving wood flooring an attractive sheen and color. Most wood floors today are finished with a top coat and stain. Modern technology has provided us a wide selection of hardwood floor finishes, each with distinct appearance and benefits.

Floor Finishes

People installing hardwood floors that were pre-finished no longer need to apply wood flooring finishes because the manufacturer has already applied finishes at the factory, typically four coats of urethane resin that has been ultraviolet cured. Manufacturers say that these hardwood floor finishes are more durable and consistent because of the strict standards in application. Factory-finished floorings can be installed right after it was taken out of the box, thereby making the installation task a lot easier especially if you are only replacing the floors in your house. Manufacturers offer different stain colors for wood finishes such as oak. Sever finish options in pre-finished products are also available, including oil- and water-based urethane and wax but the principal choices are penetrating or surface finishes.


Surface Finishes

Surface finishes shield wood floors through a protective layer that is similar to the clear plastic common on the top of the wood. Mainly polyurethane, surface wood finishes are used on all pre-finished wood floors and are the most popular choice today.

Penetrating Finishes

Penetrating finishes are applied and absorbed by the wood fibers. These oils often applied on the surface with wax have a satin or matte appearance. Try running your hands across the surface and the wood grain you would feel is most likely the penetrating wood finish. With their distinct and unique physical properties, cherry and maple do not really absorb stains as evenly and uniformly as other hardwood species in the U.S. If you want a penetrating wood finish for your cherry or maple floor, use the natural and non-coloring type.

Oil-based Urethane

Oil-based urethane is the most common type of hardwood floor finish. It becomes amber with age and usually comes in satin, gloss, and semi-gloss sheen. This may require two to three coatings with each coat taking about 8 hours or even more to dry. You may need paint thinner to clean it up. This type of wood floor finish emits fumes and distinct smell as it dries up so doors and windows should always be left open during the drying process for better ventilation. If you live in an area with cold climate, it is best to go for a water-based finish.

The other types of wood floor finishes are the water-based urethane and the moisture-cured urethane. Since both dry up faster than the other types of wood floor finishes, these two are often used in businesses and other commercial purposes. Wood flooring is such a good flooring option for your home because of its durability and classic and aesthetic appeal. However, if you want that appeal and beauty to last a long time, then you should go for hardwood floor finishes.

Hardwood floors works great for any room in your home, especially your art studio as it gives it that unique and funky look, depending on the design or color you choose. It is worth the cost and is durable in every way. I for one, would not have chosen any other flooring for my art studio.

Further Your Education With Ringling School Of Art

If you have a passion for art and will do anything to improve your art skills, enrolling in art school is the perfect thing to do. It is especially important if you want to further your career in art. There are endless techniques you can learn in art school and you can use it in you own work to create a masterpiece. It all starts with art school.

Ringling School Of Art And Design


On August 2009, Ringling was recognized as one of America’s best art and design schools by the US News & World Report. With campuses strategically located in three ideal locations of Colorado, Chicago and Florida providing top notch art instruction, it is no wonder that this honor was bestowed on Ringling. In fact, this was the first time that an art college was being profiled as among the best collages in the country. That Ringling offers the best art education programs in America is therefore not in question.

Practical Learning

Ringling, unlike other any other art instruction school, prides itself in providing hands on practical training than theoretical instructions. Students will not be found attending lectures in lecture halls rather they will take classes in painting studios where they will be found mostly painting than sit listening to lectures.

Art Project Balance Bike

My first art project. A Custom built version of one of the best balance bikes from my childhood.

Do not be surprised to find students spending more time drawing on sketch book rather than buried in text books reading piles of notes. You will find them engaged in creating high quality computer animated films than wracking their brains on volumes of research papers. This is what makes Ringling stand out from other art schools. If you love art and are looking to expand your artistic horizons, look no further.

Who Can Attend

Ringling is not your average liberal art school. It excels in quirkiness and superior infrastructure. With campuses located in down town Sarasota adjacent to beautiful white-sand beaches, the students of Ringling are not only attracted by nature but also the many art galleries, theaters, ballet, opera and symphony present in Sarasota. This campus hosts about 70% of Ringling’s undergraduate students. It is here that students, from graphic designers to illustrators, attend their tuition to get practical art instruction thrive.

Art Graduates

Over the years Ringling has produced high quality art graduates who have continued to get good jobs in the visual arts industry and make a name for themselves. Ringling thus continues to defy the notion of starving artist by producing students who are in high demand in the job market. It is estimated that about 1.25 million people in America work in the visual arts industry and Ringling is among the best art schools that helps meet this demand. With the industry set to grow by a margin of more than 10%, the demand for art graduates is also set to rise.

Ringling is ready and well adapted to put its students in the forefront of getting these jobs. Its well connected Center for Career Services has recruitment ties with established companies like Hallmark, Reebok and Pixar to enable this. Actually, over 40 Ringling graduates have been hired by Pixar and Hallmark since the 1990’s. As such the computer animation department prides itself for its students’ contribution in celebrated movies like Shrek, Toy Story and The Incredibles. So, go ahead and join Ringling school of art and design for the best art education and job connections.

Get Help With Student Loans For Your Art Education

Deciding on furthering your education when it comes to art? A college education will be expensive so you might want to take a look at low interest rate student loans to cover the expenses of college tuition and other needs. Why a low interest rate loan? Interest rates can make the difference between being able to pay back your student loan in a timely manner versus struggling to repay it for many years to come. Finding low interest rate loans is even more important with today’s economy.


Student loans for college are available from many more sources than there once were because of the Internet and numerous private lenders that are willing to offer loans to new students. With so many sources available it is possible to do comparison shopping to find personal student loans or even a bad credit private student loan at lower interest rates.

You can go on the Internet and fill out an application for Federal Student Aid which is a free service. There are physical applications that you can use instead of one from the Internet if you prefer. The financial office of the school you attend can usually help you with this process. When you use the Internet application, the waiting period for an answer to your application is usually just one week where a paper application can take more than a month. The online application will be sent to your college and will assist them in determining your financial aid package.


Online Loans

To acquire low interest rate loans from banks or from personal lines of credit that originate from your own financial institution, it will be necessary for your parents to be cosigners on the loan. One way to find low interest student loans is by using social lending like peer to peer lending sites online. Although there are legitimate social lending sites online, there are also Internet scams as well. A scam will want a fee for information about either a scholarship or student loans, so be extra careful when going online.

Scholarships And Grants

Another option is to look into grants that do not need to be repaid after the schooling is finished. There are numerous scholarships available from foundations, organizations and different groups that are available and are legitimate. Another way to save money is through debt consolidation because when you combine your outstanding debts you can usually not only find lower interest rates but you can also get lower monthly payments.

Once you have graduated it is usually a really good idea to go ahead and consolidate your debts from your student loans that most likely all have different interest rates. If your student loans are from the federal government then you can easily go back to the bank that funds your loan and fill out an application through them for a consolidation to be able to take advantage of the low interest rate student loans that are available today. You can also go to the United States Department of Education online who offer a website with a ton of information about consolidating your student loans. However you decide to go about acquiring your low interest loan it will be well worth the effort.

Industrial Shelving For Your Studio

An artist’s studio can become quite messy if you do not keep a firm hand on it. There is nothing more frustrating than being busy with your artwork, needing a tool for the job, but you cannot find it anywhere in your studio. One this happens, know know it is time to start organizing and putting everything in place. I did this by installing industrial shelving in my studio. This way, I can put everything where it is suppose to go, especially my heavy duty tools I use for sculpting. You can use these shelves in basically any part of your house too if you feel the need to. It works absolutely great in my studio.

Different Uses Of Steel Industrial Shelves

You can use it in hardware stores, builders factories and stores, most tool hire and supply stores, your home, as well as places where the theme works. For example, you can get a clean, great looking atmosphere when you use these in a kitchen or supermarket. You can get all kinds of shelving like this and some come with additional storage basket drawers and much more.

Portable Shelving

shelving-resized-600These steel shelves are great because they are not only heavy duty, but they also provide a clean and neat look for just about anywhere. They are also portable and many are on wheels, which means that it is perfect for creating any space. You can use steel shelving systems to make an entire professional kitchen, or to kit out your office or studio and still be able to move things around whenever you please. The main thing about these shelve items is that they are adjustable so you can make them work for any space or area you might have.

Mix And Match

You can mix and match the solid shelves with the mesh ones depending on what you need to use each one for, and you can also get special brackets so that you can attach then to the wall if you don’t want freestanding ones. One of the other great places that you can make use of these shelves is for an art and craft shop or a video store, where you want to create an edgy urban feel. You can even use these for a clothing store that sells funky urban gear.

How Much Can They Hold?

They are made to withstand a large amount of weight and will be safe and clean. Many of these are made to hold about 600 Pounds of weight per shelf which is quite impressive. You can get ones with wheels as mentioned before, but most will be sold with stationary feet as well, so that you can choose how you want them to work.

The majority of manufacturers will make these industrial shelving units to supply warehouses and other industrial type places, but there is no harm in pricing them to use in your business. It may even work out cheaper than any other shelving options that you find for business furnishings. You can search online for great places where you can order from and get the shelving delivered right to your business premises, or you can also go out shelf hunting to various factory stores and manufacturers in your area that sell this industrial shelving. You can then see them for yourself and make a decision.