Further Your Education With Ringling School Of Art

If you have a passion for art and will do anything to improve your art skills, enrolling in art school is the perfect thing to do. It is especially important if you want to further your career in art. There are endless techniques you can learn in art school and you can use it in you own work to create a masterpiece. It all starts with art school.

Ringling School Of Art And Design


On August 2009, Ringling was recognized as one of America’s best art and design schools by the US News & World Report. With campuses strategically located in three ideal locations of Colorado, Chicago and Florida providing top notch art instruction, it is no wonder that this honor was bestowed on Ringling. In fact, this was the first time that an art college was being profiled as among the best collages in the country. That Ringling offers the best art education programs in America is therefore not in question.

Practical Learning

Ringling, unlike other any other art instruction school, prides itself in providing hands on practical training than theoretical instructions. Students will not be found attending lectures in lecture halls rather they will take classes in painting studios where they will be found mostly painting than sit listening to lectures.

Art Project Balance Bike

My first art project. A Custom built version of one of the best balance bikes from my childhood.

Do not be surprised to find students spending more time drawing on sketch book rather than buried in text books reading piles of notes. You will find them engaged in creating high quality computer animated films than wracking their brains on volumes of research papers. This is what makes Ringling stand out from other art schools. If you love art and are looking to expand your artistic horizons, look no further.

Who Can Attend

Ringling is not your average liberal art school. It excels in quirkiness and superior infrastructure. With campuses located in down town Sarasota adjacent to beautiful white-sand beaches, the students of Ringling are not only attracted by nature but also the many art galleries, theaters, ballet, opera and symphony present in Sarasota. This campus hosts about 70% of Ringling’s undergraduate students. It is here that students, from graphic designers to illustrators, attend their tuition to get practical art instruction thrive.

Art Graduates

Over the years Ringling has produced high quality art graduates who have continued to get good jobs in the visual arts industry and make a name for themselves. Ringling thus continues to defy the notion of starving artist by producing students who are in high demand in the job market. It is estimated that about 1.25 million people in America work in the visual arts industry and Ringling is among the best art schools that helps meet this demand. With the industry set to grow by a margin of more than 10%, the demand for art graduates is also set to rise.

Ringling is ready and well adapted to put its students in the forefront of getting these jobs. Its well connected Center for Career Services has recruitment ties with established companies like Hallmark, Reebok and Pixar to enable this. Actually, over 40 Ringling graduates have been hired by Pixar and Hallmark since the 1990’s. As such the computer animation department prides itself for its students’ contribution in celebrated movies like Shrek, Toy Story and The Incredibles. So, go ahead and join Ringling school of art and design for the best art education and job connections.