Using Safety Gloves While You Work

Safety is the number one thing when you are working with “heavy duty” artwork and tools. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to working with your tools as injury can prevent you from doing you art in the end. Without my safety gloves, I am lost, especially when I am creating a sculpture. The work I do on sculptures include drilling, using a soldering iron, welding etc. and I cannot afford not to wear gloves. There are different types of safety gloves on the market, all you have to do is read up on the manufacturer and check their credibility.

Stauffer Gloves

smck900lejkvf_117The popular business that is now known as Stauffer Glove and Safety was first started during the year of 1907 in Palm, Pennsylvania. But then, when Henry and Al Stauffer started the organization it was called Acorn Glove Company. Back then, the company was mainly about producing and supplying the basic leather and cotton gloves, where they were distributed to chain stores and other wholesale markets. In 1995, they decided that the business would move to Red Hill, (still in Pennsylvania), and once they moved, the company name was changed to Stauffer Manufacturing Company. Only many years later they would go on to change the name to Stauffer Glove and Safety, as they are still known as today.


Rising Sales

Once they had completed their move to Red Hill, Stauffer Glove and Safety decided to concentrate more on making the cotton gloves. Some of the loves they started manufacturing then included jersey gloves, single palms, hot mills, double palms and more. In 1960 they began to make use of a new approach to increase their sales; they chose to accommodate more than one market strategy, where they would aim their approach directly at providing their products to industrial facilities. That was where they made their wisest decision, as selling to the industry gave them their biggest amount of sales, and thus, resulted in their need to manufacture an entire line of good safety equipment and products.

Climbing In Success

Stauffer safety lived up to their name because as the years passed, there were new domestic cleaning gloves from all other producers added to their line, along with some other safety equipment. They had to eventually make use of direct importing as well, from countries like China, Japan, Pakistan and Hong Kong as well as many other far-off countries located around the world. By the time it got to the 1980’s, producing only took up about five percent of the company’s business and during this time all of the many manufacturing places were moved from the area of Red Hill and setup elsewhere. Before they even knew it, their company had gone from glove manufacturing to a full time producer and distributor of personal protection equipment.

Great Service And Products

Even today, the company is still going strong and continuously growing, and of course expending their services as well as their now famous products. Although, that’s the only thing that has changed over the years; their perfect service and excellent products as well as the way they structure their market place is the same as it was before. They are also known to deliver to just about anywhere, where shipping is used for those far away and their own trucks and drivers deliver to the customers who are nearer. Now that the company has transformed into something so magnificent, they have different sales and management teams to assist in different locations.

Stauffer Glove and Safety comes a long way, and they deserve all the praise they get; they offer some of the best gloves for different situations and specific needs, by doing business with them you are sure to find that they are the best.

Using Heat Resistant Gloves

There are many times when heat resistant gloves can prove useful. For instance, you are trying to fix the garden wagon and the only way you can solve this problem is to use a welder. The other thing is that you have a welder, but you have no idea to weld properly. Fusing two metals together using a welding rod has proved to be an art rather than a skill. Because you are working with extreme heat, the first thing that your should look into is getting a pair of heat resistant gloves.

Different Types Of Gloves

The heat resistant glove is not your ordinary pair of fancy rubber gloves that you can use to get the job done. There are all sorts of protection for a welder and these are the long sleeve fire gloves and the fire blankets. The accessories depend on the job that you are doing and where this job is located. For the welder, he can choose from the huge variety of welding gloves and helmets. This all depends on the job and also the welder’s personal preference.

Liquid Resistant As Well

The greatest thing about the fire glove is that it resists oil and heat. If fire cannot get through the glove, there is no way hot liquids will be able to get through. With this mentioned it means that no liquids can soak into the glove and harm your skin. Therefore, heat resistant gloves are waterproof.

Welding Blankets

heat-resistant-glove-handling-32328-3302017The other thing that you have to look into when welding on your premises or at another location is welding blankets. There are many things that can become damaged when working with a welder and some of those things could have been in the family for many years. The cinders that welding rods spit off are pieces of burning hot rod. It can very easily burn through any plastics, damage any woodwork and can even become attached to other metals, because it is so hot. When it cools down on another metal, the only way you will be able to get it off there is to either file it off or grind it using an angle grinder. This is why welding blankets are important.

Necessary Precautions

Automotive and railway service use all sorts of welding blankets to make sure that injuries and fire damage is prevented. The same applies to the fire gloves. These hot cinders spark off all the time and if you are not wearing gloves to protect yourself, you will find yourself at the nearest ICU shortly after the job has begun. Take the necessary precautions and wear the protective gear that is recommended by manufacturers. These items are not available out there so that manufacturers can make money off you.

It is always important to make sure that you wear a pair of heat resistant glove and the correct body protection when working with a welder and other jobs that expose you to extreme temperatures for your art work. Rather be safe than sorry and enjoy doing your art and be safe while doing it.