The Life of an Artist

Nature PaintingOf an artist it is said that one eye sees, the other feels. However, there are a number of misconceptions about the life of an artist. We do not all live in dingy rooms and neither are we all Goths. Our rooms are not messed up and untidy and we do not always stay aloof and cut off from the world. You would be indeed surprised to know different artists operate. Some of us lead a very healthy life to ensure that the mind keeps reaching higher levels of creativity. On the other hand some of us choose to live in a small wooden hut in the mountains – to absorb the sounds and sights of nature. Some of us are just plain weird – from staring at a wall to mountain biking, we all have different ways to look for the perfect work of art.

The world today is one where the competition is fierce and it is no different for artists as well. We may not run after money but we do expect the right value for our work. We all have our own ways to engage with the culture and society around us. While some of us may not be big fans of various social norms, we do make an effort to merge with the society. An artist’s lifestyle may be an attitude to life or a perspective on your life in a suburban housing estate.

Traditionally, artists’ lifestyles were determined by their class relationships. While an artist like Sir Joshua Reynolds received patronage and lived comfortably, Toulouse-Lautrec lived among the demi-monde, painting prostitutes and bar scenes.

I believe that a painter or a writer is never on a holiday. We are all always looking around us and walking around observing trying to grasp the little details of life around us. A friend of mine who is a famous painter often likes to spend hours together fishing every weekend. I, on the other hand like to go biking in obscure areas by simply mounting a bike rack for SUVs and setting off on the road.

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The lifestyle choices we make revolve around the freedom of thought and we choose the most comfortable of places to let our thoughts flow freely. This place could either be a huge villa or a small cottage in the middle of a forest. For all the artists in the world, it is all about the journey through life and not the fruits that we reap. Our work mirrors our personality and captures the emotion that sometimes comes real in the lives of almost everyone.

The better we try to capture the emotion, the more we win accolades for our work and to do this constantly is the aim of our lives. If we find our muse, there is nothing stopping us from composing a piece of music or bringing life into a canvas but if we don’t, then we just try to unravel and get into that trance where we can find our inspiration.